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Rain Hose is a flexible hose with pattern of holes for spraying of water. The entire field becomes wet. Its 350 micron thickness and 40 mm diameter. Expected life is 4 years. Operating pressure is 1 kg / cm2

Discharge rate is 180 liter per meter per hour approximately at 1 kg / cm2 pressure.

Our RAIN HOSE do not have emitters. Simple holes are made for water to flow. In rain hose there are pattern of holes on the surface.

RAIN HOSE ( Spray Tube) can be laid up to 50 meters. Pressure must be maintained at 1 kg / cm2

RAIN HOSE can cover 3 meter either side and total of 6 meters can covered when pressure is 1 kg/cm2. Discharge is approximately 180 liter per hour per meter length. That means for 50 meter length the discharge at 1 kg / cm2 would be approximately 10000 liter per hour.

If the height of the tank is ensured to maintain 1 Kg/cm2 pressure, then discharge would be better and coverage would be 6 meter width. If the pressure is less, then the coverage will reduce accordingly. If the tank is at the height of 10 meter, then coverage would be better. You can do it on trial and error basis.

RAIN HOSE wall thickness is 350 micron / 0.35 mm / 14 mil

You require only the PVC pipes and the associated fittings for the PVC. All other items are provided by us.

You can buy online at our website Free Shipping within India. For other countries, kindly send mail to

Standard Rain Hose Diameter is 40 mm. There are different models of Rain Hose with the diameter 20 mm, 32 mm, 50 mm and 63 mm

800 meters of Rain Hose are required per acre with 6 meter spacing. Four numbers of SPRAY IRRIGATION KIT / 1/4 acre are required - Product Code - 1097. This contains all the necessary fittings except PVC pipe.

NO. Filtration is not required.


Spray Irrigation Kit is a Do It Yourself kit. It uses Rain Hose for spraying of water. Its available in 1/4 Acre Kit. SPRAY IRRIGATION KIT / 40 mm / 1/4 Acre - Product Code: 1097. All the accessories required to connect Rain Hose is included in the Kit. Only PVC pipes are required. This product is a great boon for farmers. We recommend you to buy a SPRAY IRRIGATION KIT to understand about the KSNM Rain Hose and the associated fittings better by installing in a small area. We are confident that you will be convinced and go for a bigger area.


There is NO clogging problem. Water flows continuously like a jet. Water does not drip as drop by drop.

Nano Punching Technology is being used to make holes in the drip tape. This ensure precise holes and hence flow of water.

Discharge is 9 liter per hour approximately. Operating pressure is 1 kg / cm2. Expected life is 4 years.

We use virgin material combination of LLDPE, LDPE and Carbon Black

No. KSNM Drip Tape is meant for only above soil laying. It can not be used under surface.

Yes. We manufacture all the accessories like connectors, venturi, filters etc.

45 cm drip hole spacing - 20 meter length 60 cm drip hole spacing - 25 meter length 75 cm drip hole spacing - 30 meter length 90 cm drip hole spacing - 35 meter length If the laying length is more, then discharge variation comes.

The standard manufacturing thickness is 250 micron ( 10 mil ) and size is 16 mm

Yes. Drip Tape can be folded easily. Whenever the field is to be prepared for the next crop, the drip tape can be folded and kept near the main line. After field preparation, it can be unfolded without any damage to the drip tape.

Yes. Minimum order value - USD 25,000 with advance payment. Email:

Yes. Minimum order value - USD 300,000 with advance payment. Email:

Direct bank transfer can also be done. Information should be mailed to Bank details are given below: Name of the Bank - Indian Overseas Bank Branch - RS Puram Branch, Coimbatore, INDIA. Name of the account - KSNM Marketing Account Number - 0079 0200 000 2707 (15 digits) IFSC Code - IOBA 000 0079 Swift Code - IOBA INBB 079

KSNM recommends foreign customers to buy SPRAY IRRIGATION KIT or DRIP KIT initially. This Do It Yourself Kit is available for different field sizes with all the required components. This sample order will give a very clear idea about all the components and to understand the simple technology. The cost of the kit and courier cost is indicated separately. Its door delivery. The bigger order will be shipped through sea cargo and will take more time for delivery and costs very less. We are confident you LOVE our products.

Yes. Online shopping is available. Within India shipping is FREE. The consignment will be sent to the nearest parcel service and you can collect from there. Transport details will be provided to you.

4000 meters of Drip Tape are required per acre with 1 meter spacing.

No. Drip Tape is above ground installation.

Water flow will not be uniform. At the tail end water flow will be less than at the take off point.


DRIP KIT is Do It Yourself Kit. All the components required for field area is included in the kit. No professional is required to install.

Drip Kit is available for 1/4 Acre Field. You can buy any of these sample kit to understand the KSNM Drip Tape and fittings. After getting convinced, individual components can be purchased as per requirements.


Micro Tube is a small tube inserted into the lateral tube for water to flow through this micro tube.

Micro Tube comes in different sizes like 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm. This is hole diameter. Bigger the hole diameter, more water will flow.

Water is allowed to flow in the Drip Tape so that the flat drip tape becomes round shape. Then pierce the tube with a needle and insert micro tube. Video:


No. Filter is not must for Drip Tape or Rain Hose installation.

Screen Filter can filter only solid particles like sand. Disk Filter can filter both solid particles like sand and organic materials like algae, slime etc.

Filters must be installed for inline laterals to avoid blockage of drippers.


Its 2 inch. Sucking is approximately 50 liter per hours.

Normally Venturi is installed before filtration unit.

Fertilizer and Chemical in liquid form is injected through Venturi and given to the plant along with drip irrigation system.


One Hectare ( 2.5 acre) per day per person in 8 hours of operation.

Seed drum should be 3/4th filled. Its approximately 2 Kg.

In one filling of seed drum one acre can be covered. Approximately 8 kg of paddy seed is required.

Anywhere between 3 to 10. Pulling must be continuous and constant. Approximate requirement per acre is 8 Kg.

Pregerminated seed in dry condition is used. Seed is socked in water for 24 hours and incubated in wet condition for 24 hours.


Cono weeder is meant for weeding in wetland paddy field. Water must be there in the field at the time of weeding. Weeds are buried in the soil and becomes manure.

1/4 acre per day per person in 8 hours operation.

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