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Posted On: December 20, 2021

Posted By: KSNM Drip

Farmers embrace the effective Drip Irrigation solution from KSNM Drip!

KSNM Drip put up a stall at the IDA Scudder Trade Centre at Madurai, Tamil Nadu, as part of the Agritech 2021 to help promote drip irrigation technology among farmers. The exhibition was conducted on 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th December. Many farmers came to know about KSNM Products like Rain Hose, Direct Paddy Seeder, Cono Weeder, Drip Tape, Round Inline, Flat Inline, Filters, Venturi and various kinds of drip lateral and rain hose fittings.

Farmers were eager to learn about the uniqueness of KSNM Products and were thoroughly educated on the advantage of using KSNM Drip irrigation products and Drum Seeder.

For Instance, Direct Paddy Seeder/ Drum Seeder reduces the cost of paddy sowing drastically. This seeder technology totally gets rid of nursery raising and transplantation which requires huge labour. Adopting Direct paddy seeder is very easy and saves lot of cost. Also, Paddy Drum Seeder is gender-friendly. Ladies can comfortably operate in the wetland fields.

KSNM introduced 25 x 25 cm spacing direct paddy seeder also. Sowing paddy with this is closer to SRI method of cultivation. Also, in this model seed rate is reduced from 9 kg to 4 kg per acre. And one more advantage is all types of power weeder can be used comfortably in this field as row-to-row spacing is 25 cm. This model is available in two variants, 6 rows and 8 rows. Farmers were eager to try this model in the next season.

Cono Weeder is a unique design of KSNM. Cones of the cono weeder/ paddy weeder is made up of plastic and steel. Blades are of 2 mm thickness. This plastic and steel combination of the cone is very rugged and lasts long. Welding is totally removed in the cones. Hence, no rusting of welding portion in wetland fields.

KSNM stall showcased all the models of Rain Hose / Rain Pipe – 20 mm / 32 mm / 40 mm / 50 mm / 63 mm. This wide range of Rain Hose sizes caters to the complete spectrum of farmers from small farm fields to very large farm fileds. The laying length of the Rain hose can be from 30 meters to as high as 250 meters, i.e., ¼ km. For the entire range of Rain Hose / Rain Pipe sizes, KSNM fittings are available. Farmers have lot of choice to choose from. Farmers had a chance to see and feel all the Rain Hose sizes and fittings in the stall. Samples of the Rain Hose were distributed to all the interested farmers.

Plain Round Lateral of 800 micron and 1100-micron wall thickness were also displayed in the stall. These laterals are mainly used for trees and longs spaced crops. 1100-micron lateral can be used under the soil also. Barbed fittings for this Round laterals were also displayed. KSNM drill bit is made up of Stainless-steel material. Grommet is made up of a special grade of material that will last long unlike rubber grommet which were commonly used.

KSNM introduced “FLAT DRIP IRRIGATION KIT / 1 Acre”. This is a complete kit. Its Do It Yourself Kit. All the components required for 1-acre land is packed together. Already this product was advertised on the back cover of “Pasumai Vikadan” magazine for the last 6 months. This Pasumai Vikadan magazine is from the house of well-known Anandha Vikadan publications. Farmers were able to see this kit at the stall and were surprised to know the price. Yes. Its price tag is only Rs.10,900/-. Unbelievable! This 1-acre kit includes 4000 meters of Flat Drip Lateral is of 200-micron along with all the required fittings.

KSNM Drip will continue to participate in various exhibitions and create awareness among farmers about the uniqueness of KSNM Drip products.

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