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Posted On: May 22, 2024

Posted By: KSNM DRIP

An Easy Way To Inject Fertilizer To The Plants | Venturi Injector


On this day, fertilizers and pesticides are very much needed to make a plant grow well. But do all the plants in the farmland get the right amount of care? This question has never been raised in your mind as a farmer. That’s because older farming practices have made it impossible for consistent application of fertilizers and pesticides for crops. But, nowadays, modern irrigation systems from KSNM drip can make sure that every plant gets what it wants through a Venturi injector. 

What is the Easiest Way to Apply Fertilizer to the Plants?

Every farmer is moving towards modern irrigation methods to save water and provide effective water application to their crops. If you are a KSNM drip irrigation system user, then you can use the KSNM Venturi to easily inject fertilizer through your modern irrigation system. It is easy to install and by far the most efficient way to economically apply fertilizers to your crops. 

What is a Venturi Injector?

A Venturi Injector is a mechanical device used to mix two different fluids with the help of fluid flow. It is just a conical tube that narrows in the middle to make the fluid flow faster and decrease pressure, creating a vacuum to draw in a second fluid to be mixed with the other fluid.

This instrument is commonly used in agriculture, industry, and water treatment plants. Mixing the fluids does not need any external power, as it will happen naturally.

How to use the KSNM Venturi Injector to Inject Fertilizer into the Crops?

The KSNM Venturi can be used along with irrigation systems from KSNM Drip to easily apply fertilizers to the crops. You just need the right equipment to install a venturi injector in your irrigation system. If you are not sure how to add a venturi injector to your irrigation setup, here are simple steps that will guide you.

NOTE: If you have already set your irrigation system, there will be a need to modify the setup to add KSNM Venturi to it.

Setup Process

  • Connect Venturi to your water system as shown in the image. You need to choose the right size of pipe to connect with the venturi.

  • A separate flexible pipe will be added to the venturi with a filter to suck in the fertilizer and add it to your water system.

  • Add a valve between the water system and the venturi tube to set up the suction force and the flow of fertilizer into your irrigation system.

  • Prepare your fertilizer by mixing it with water in a container in the right amount and bringing it near your venturi suction tube.

Working Process

  • Close all the valves in the water system and start the water application process by turning on the motors. 

  • Open the main pipe valve partially to let a low level of water flow through it.

  • Drop the venturi suction tube with a filter into the fertilizer mixture.

  • Open the venturi valve slowly to find the point where the suction of fertilizers starts.

  • After setting up the correct valve settings, the fertilizer will get mixed with the irrigation system and take it to your crops.

  • You can adjust the valves to set the amount of fertilizer you want to get to your plants.


  • No need for external energy to help in the suction of fertilizers.

  • Using filters will help reduce the blockages in the irrigation system.

  • Fertilizer is applied constantly and consistently to all parts of the plants.

  • Can easily adjust the amount of fertilizer to be added to the irrigation system

What are the Limitations of Using a Venturi Injector?

Even though using KSNM Venturi is the best way to apply fertilizers to your crops, there are certain limitations that you need to keep in mind. 

  • You can only use water-soluble fertilizers in the venturi injector.

  • A high flow rate is required to make the fertilizer to be automatically sucked into the irrigation system.

  • Suspended solids can clog your system and sometimes can damage the whole setup.

Though these limitations might cause issues in using a venturi injector for fertilizer application, you just need to be careful to rule out these limitations.

What are the Common Problems Faced During Venturi Injector Operation?

You need to take good care of your irrigation system to make sure that it runs efficiently. To make sure of this, you need to face these common problems. Here is a list of common problems you will encounter when using a venturi injector on your irrigation system,

  • There needs to be a good difference in pressure to make suction take place in a venturi pipe. To do so, water at high pressure needs to be sent through the inlet to create a vacuum that will suck in the fertilizer and send it into the irrigation system.

  • Clogging and blockage due to particles present in water or on the fertilizer will cause problems in the flow of the irrigation system and sometimes damage the equipment.

  • When you are using venturi injection to apply fertilizer to your farmland and if the system is affected by backflow, all your fertilizers will go to waste.

How to Prevent Common Problems in Venturi Injectors on Irrigation Systems?

Problems might appear due to many things, but you must be ready for and prevent them from happening. Here are some preventive measures for you if you are using a venturi injector for applying fertilizers to your farmland through modern irrigation methods,

  • Regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent clogging.

  • Ensuring proper sizing and fitting for the Venturi injector.

  • Monitor and adjust pressures to avoid backflow issues.

  • Choosing fluids with compatible viscosities.

  • Regularly check for leaks and damage in the system.


Now get the best venturi injector for your farmland from KSNM Drip and make your crops flourish. You can easily install and maintain KSNM Venturi to apply your fertilizers and pesticides to your plants. If you have any issues with the installation and usage of the venturi, you can go to the official website or YouTube channel to learn more about it.

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