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RAIN HOSE - 350 / 32 mm

Rain Hose is an affordable spray irrigation technology. It is a replacement for Sprinkler Irrigation System. It is easy to install and maintain. Rain Hose is flexible hose with pattern of drip holes. These drip holes are made with nano punching technology to ensure uniform flow of water. Rain Hose is suitable for closely spaced crops, onion, vegeta...

LAY FLAT PIPE - PLAIN / 350 / 32 mm

This hose is without holes.  It is a plain pipe used for transporting water.Thickness is 350 micron and Diameter is 32 mm.Roll length is 100 meter.

Adaptor / 32 mm MTA / 32 mm Lock

Adaptor / 32 mm FTA / 32 mm Lock is used as a Rain Hose Fittings.One side is 32mm FTA.   This can be connected with 32 mm MTA of PVC Fittings.Other side is 32 mm with Lock to connect Rain Hose / 32 mm

End Cap / 32 mm Lock

This is used for as End Cap for Rain Hose. It can be fixed with a rod to ensure that the Rain Hose / 32 mm does not move.

Straight Connector / 32 mm Lock

Straight connector / 32 mm Lock is used to join the Rain Hose 32 mm if there is a cut or damage. 

Dummy End Cap / FTA / 32 mm

Dummy End Cap / FTA / 32 mm is used to close one end of 4 way coupler with MTA 32 mm

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